power factor controller & Meters

Power Factor Control Relays  
  BLR CXD, tamper proof range
  BLR CX, standard full Featured range
  BLR CM, integrated power quality metering & communication
  BLR CM3A, comprehensive 3xCT regulator and metering solution
Thyristor Swtiches  
  BEL Ts, range of thyristor switches for LV Capacitors
Capacitorn Protection Relays  
  KSR, protection relays for HT capacitor banks
Model PFR  
  Microprocessor based intelligent auto switching control
  Display of power factor, current & total harmonic distortion of current
  Last step can be used as alarm output
  Under/over voltage alarm, under/over compensate alarm & high harmonic distortion alarm
  User-friendly setting
  Automatic CT polarity correction
  Programmable sensitivity
  Programming Lock – facility