Harmonic analyzer - ALM 35 3-Phase 4 CT Portable Energy & Harmonics Analyser

  True RMS AC Voltage Single voltage up to 480 Volts; phase-phase voltage up to 600 V.
  True RMS AC Current up to 6500 Amps (according to CTs used).
  DC measurements with optional CTs.
  Peak Voltage and current.
  Active, reactive and apparent power per phase and their aggregate.
  Active, reactive energy - consumed and produced (export / import).
  Harmonics for voltage, current up to the 50th order.
  VA harmonics up to 50th order.
  Flicker measurements.
  Information on whether harmonics are generated or received with details of zero, +ve and -ve
  sequence harmonics.
  Export & Import measurements.
  Neutral current.
  Crest Factor for V and I.
  K factor for currents.
  Displacement factor and Tangent.
  V and I unbalance in %.
  Total Harmonic Distortion Factor.
  Inrush capture.
  Transients - 1 cycle pre-event and 3 cycles post-event recording.
Salient Features    
  Large Colour LCD screen for graphical menu-driven display.
  Continuous cycle by cycle measurement of all 3 phases and 3 voltages @256 samples/cycle - for
  accurate and dependable measurements even on non-linear loads.
  Wide choice of clamp-on CTs to measure currents from 100mA to 6500A-options include
  5/100A CT, 1000A CT, 6500A Ampflex CT, 1000A AC/DC CT.
  5 Voltage Inputs (R, Y, B, N & Earth voltages)
  4 Current inputs (R,Y, B, N)
  Suitable for 2 wire, 3 wire & 4 wire measurements.
  Various display modes - Harmonics mode, waveform mode, power/energy mode, record mode,
  alarm mode.
  Alarm recording - captures up to 4096 alarms and can program parameter, minimum / maximum
  value, hysterisis and minimum duration for detection (minimum ½ cycle detection).
  2 GB data storage capacity with programmable interval for data collection from 1s to 15min.
  Different parameters can be recorded under 4 user-defined configurations; Multiple record sessions
  can be carried out without deleting data.
  12 pictures record facility for later viewing on meter screen and download to PC.
  RS - 232 serial port for communication and data transfer to a PC.
  Recorded data can be viewed as trends on the meter screen for quick analysis on the field minimising
  dependence on PC; Zoom-in/ Zoom-out facility for better resolution enabling in-depth analysis.
  Software part of the kit.
  Up to 10 hour battery backup for un-interrupted field studies.