Energy audit

Today industry is highly conscious of the need for energy management and power quality improvement to save energy costs, reduce failures and improve productivity. To enable such customers who would like to get immediate benefit of measurement at various power flow points at their works. We at Hitech Power Solutions is now offering PQ Study Services and offers sophisticated Load Managers along with experienced personnel to measure power, energy and power quality parameters and submit a report on the same to help them in their endeavor to manage energy costs & improve power quality.

Applications of Normal PQ Study  
  Study at machinery for energy saving potential
  Study at capacitor banks and various feeder points for PF improvement potential
  Study at feeders & loads for harmonics and power quality problems
  Study at incomer to cross check EB meter and analyzer demand and energy billing patterns
  Evaluate new energy saving devices and measures
  Study at harmonic filters
  Identify potential problems in areas of frequent breakdowns
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Basic measurements offered
True RMS Values for Voltage, current and frequency
Harmonics (Voltage & Current) from 1st to 50th & Total Harmonic distortion (THD) on sensitive machinery and non-linear loads that are generating harmonics
Variation of kW, kVA during the production cycle
Evaluation of harmonic filters (if available)
Actual KVAR requirement that needed to maintain Unity PF at very efficient level even at distributed levels.
Voltage and current unbalances
Energy consumption at feeders and loads w.r.t production
K factor (If at Transformers)
Load on/ off / idling time w.r.t energy consumption
Crest factor at sensitive electronic equipment
Demand cross-check at Input
Neutral current on neutral cables
PF, kVAR study at Inrush current measurement at Incomers starting from 10 ms.
Voltage Sags & Swells
Evaluation of energy saving devices
Waveform pictures & Phasor diagram pictures
Evaluation of modifications on machinery w.r.t energy consumption
harmonics are generated or received at a particular load (using ALM 10/32)
Distortion PF (PF) and Displacement PF (Cos phi) study
Scope of Energy Study  
  We request you to define at the start of the study, locations where the measurements have to take place, parameters to be monitored, interval
  of logging desired and alarm conditions that need to be monitored.
  We will record all the above mentioned parameters as per your requirement
  We will submit the data collected as a report in Excel format
  We also request you to provide us manpower to support our engineers in connections & study.