ACTIVE harmonic Filters
The State of the Art designed active filter offered by Hitech Power Solutions measures level of current harmonic in supply line and eliminates it by generating the counter harmonics. The control and reduction of harmonics improves the power quality in multi-folds, making the electrical distribution system highest efficient. The power savings to the tune of 10 to 40% is possible, depending on the application
The active filter uses a PWM inverter, with associated capacitor and inductors. It is designed to inject harmonic currents in anti phase to those produced by other equipment on a network and hence reduces over all distortion The two most common types are
The two most common types are
Selective –FFT (Fourier fast Transformer)  

Discrete harmonics can be selected for treatment(up to 20)


Averages harmonic demand profile over three full cycles


Broad band


Treats all non fundament current (inc.interharmonics)


Treats harmonic demand on cycle by cycle basis




Act as a low impedence source for harmonic currents


Parallel connected to the load(s)-sized for harmonic current

  32 bit, DSP control
  Employs high speed IGBTs in power circuit
  High attenuation up to 96% of individual harmonics
  Programmable selective harmonic elimination
  Pf compensation,leading as well as lagging
  Load balancing
  Helps compliance to IEEE 519